What’s In A Name?

I grew up in Colorado where my parents both moved from out-of-state to go to college in the seventies. This meant that we only got to see our grandparents once or twice a year when we would travel to Connecticut or California to visit, or they would come see us. Every time we would see them, they would want to hear all about our lives. We recently lost my paternal grandfather—Pops—and as we remembered him, everyone reflected on how he would always say “Isn’t that grand?” in wonder and amazement when we would tell him stories. I always loved when he would react to my stories with that phrase, both because it felt like a phrase from another era and and because I felt that he was genuinely excited for me.

Grandkids & Great-grandkids
Grandkids & Great-grandkids

I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog to chronicle my misadventures for a few years and was always held up on what I would name my blog. After Pops passed away, while on a flight to Puerto Rico for my honeymoon (one of my many misadventures…the honeymoon, not the marriage), I realized Pops had named it for me.

To me, Isn’t It Grand is a tribute to Pops and Happy Nana and Uncle David and Rose, all of whom always loved to hear my stories and are now watching over me and my family. It is also what I hope to be my mantra – an effort to always find the joy and awe in life, even in the small things.


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