First Vignette

This move was a first for me. It was the first time I moved a family, a home, a life, and a chicken coop, but that’s another story. All my other moves had been by myself, usually didn’t involve much furniture, and did not require continuing family routines like cooking meals, catching the bus, or finding printer paper to print the homework that may or may not have been forgotten. Needless to say, my life is currently one giant exploded moving box.

I can’t wait to start painting and tearing down walls (and heart cutout coat racks) and decorating, but for right now, we just have to focus on finding a place for everything. This means my living room and loft are piled high will all the pictures I want to hang and boxes full of decor.

You should know something about me: I love a vignette. I also love a gallery wall, but I don’t have one yet, since, as I mentioned, all my pictures are on the floor and decor is in boxes. I also love a vignette combined with a gallery wall. Here are the gallery wall-vignette combos from our last house. My best friend Jesse, who is an accountant, ended up having a secret talent for creating gallery walls, so she must be given credit for the arrangement (and straight lines) of the first wall. I mention she’s an accountant because in my head, accountants could not possibly be able to deal with all the mismatchiness that goes along with a gallery wall #falseassumptions #offtopic.

Gallery Wall Vignette


Anywaaaay, the point of all this, is that amid trying to get our kitchen unpacked (because for some reason we thought we should be hosting people for dinner on moving day?!? (which, of course, turned out fine because they were family and would love us no matter what state our house was in)), I decided I needed a vignette, just so I could start to feel like I was getting to decorate a teeny, tiny bit AND that our life wasn’t complete chaos. So, here it is!



I learned from Hi Sugarplum and Our Fifth House that vignettes work well when you mix heights and textures. I like to pick a few colors and try to keep the vignette in that palette. I LOVE the old scale which I picked up at a flea market after serious bargaining asking once for a price reduction. I’m very proud of talking the lady down $9 on this and getting it for $15. I tell everyone who sees it. #justsoyaknow I picked up the straws, pumpkin, and bottles in The One Spot section at Target which is always kryptonite to my plans of sticking to my shopping list. PSA: the straws are not SustyParty quality and get soggy within 5 minutes of being in a beverage…but they’re cute. The pork cut sheet poster plays off the blue in the bottles and straws well and the green from the aloe pulls in the curtain color. Finally, I love to use books as decor. I use my cookbooks all.the.time, so it’s great to have them serving dual decor-food purposes.


Be jealous of our microwave. It’s giant, old, and multiple shades of faded white. I’ve got grand plans for where a new microwave will go, but again, we’re still looking for the printer paper.


3 thoughts on “First Vignette

    1. Ha! Good question. A vignette is when you arrange a collection of items on a surface (sideboard, bookshelf, table, shelf, mantel, microwave) in an intentional, styled manner. Sort of like a still life. The items often compliment each other, but are not all the same type of item. Capish?


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